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Show titles and health
Here at Darswed Teckels you may see that many of our dogs have either won show titles or come from a long line of working/show titled dogs and bitches. Many people think that because the dogs are shown, they are not genuine working dogs, this is not the case.
In Europe the show standards (FCI) these dogs are bred too is aimed at producing dogs that CAN do the job they were originally bred to do.In the dachshunds case to enter fox holes etc.
Please do NOT confuse European show titles with UK show titles, they are NOT the same.
Show type Dachshunds are known to suffer from one or two  health problems and I often get asked questions re this subject. I am not an expert in this field and can only comment on our own dogs, and dogs that we have bred. To date we have had no serious problems with any of our dogs,(oldest nearly 10) and have had ONE case of suspected hip dysplasia in a dog that we bred. (I am only going off what the owner has told me and the diagnosis was made on mostly clinical signs it seems, and the case was described as "mild"). We have bred/sired hundreds of pups over the past 9-10- years and this is the very first instance we have heard about re a serious health issue with a dog we have bred. I am not one to hide away from anything and am taking this seriously,  but I am also being upfront about it and we have nothing to hide re our dogs. Hip dysplasia is a very very complicated subject and there are many different views regarding causes etc etc. 


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