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Holly's progress
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Holly was introduced to her first "live" deer this weekend,  (07/08/09) Holly is six months old. She has had a few blood trails behind her now but this was her first fresh trail, a short one but ideal for a young pup. The doe had been lung shot and had left an enormous amount of blood to follow, and the steepness of the hill carried her further than she would have normally went . Holly followed the trail down the steep hill to the deer, she has not been introduced to gunshot yet, and was NOT present when the deer was shot.
She was not intimidated by the size of the doe, (huge to her !) and found it very interesting judging by the tail wagging and keenness to "take hold" ! All in all I was very pleased with her first "big day" . You can see a video HERE


Holly at 6 months


Holly is continuing to have regular blood trails, and of course continues with her "basic" training. When out with her I take my shooting stick, and keep stopping as though I am spotting for deer, she is learning to sit every time I stop. And not to pull on her lead at all. She also is learning the recall and walking to heel and general socializing. . All in all she is doing OK with all her training. I give her deer "slots" to chew and hide to "play " now and then,

One thing I have not done as yet is introduce to shot, but this will be in the next few weeks or so.
She has had another "live"deer trail and the more of these she gets the better from now on.
Holly 18/04/09



Introduction to shot
Holly was introduced to the shot today , 25/04/09. We "killed two birds with one stone" and had a friends Labrador pup there as well. It is a simple procedure and all went well. Holly paid little attention to the shot and the Lab pup paid none what so ever !
For those that have never done this here is my way of doing things. We parked our vehicle in a suitable field, then I walked away from the vehicle and had someone who the dog is very familiar with stay at the vehicle with the gun (shotgun) , a blank firing pistol can be used but they tend to give a "crack" rather than a "bang", and I personally prefer the "real thing" to a blank. I ALWAYS have the wind blowing from me, to the gun, I NEVER have the wind blowing from the gun to me, the bang will be so much louder. When I am about 200yds or so away from the gun I distract the dog with a tiny piece of food or a piece of hide etc, and have the gun fired at that moment. Usually the dog will look up and instantly continue playing, if this is the case I move towards the gun another 30 yd or so and repeat the procedure. If all goes well I continue moving forward and have the gun fired, I eventually reach the gun and have a shot fired when I am standing next to him. If at any point the dog appears nervous, ears down, tail tucked in etc, stop immediately and try another day. I find it very useful to have the dogs mind occupied when the shot is fired. A favorite "toy" or food will help, playing with another dog usually ideal.
Once the pup has been introduced in this way I will repeat the exercise within a few days to make certain she is comfortable with the sound. Then, repeat the whole thing with a rifle, this of course is much louder but by then the pup will probably not mind in the least. And once the pup associaites the "bang" with a deer to find, then the problem of "running in" may arise !


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