Darswed Teckels

Working Teckels in Northumberland


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Darswed Saffron
Holly is "wild boar in colour
This page will hopefully follow the progress of "Holly", our bitch kept from our 08 litter .
We think Holly may be slightly smoother coated than her mother, but at 17 weeks she had the beginnings of a beard ! and her paws/legs have also began to "wire up".
She is a very nice natured pup, very affectionate and playful. Having said this she is also showing a keen interest in most things "furry" and deer hide is a firm favorite ! Up until now she has behaved impeccably with the waterfowl in the garden, but I watch her constantly because this may change one day ! We have always found that pups brought up with other livestock usually do not pay them much attention, but there are exceptions !

Holly has a harness with a top ( on her back ) fastener, and at the moment I use an extendable lead with her, and this is proving very successful. I have not started ANY serious training at all, but she is learning what is , and what is not allowed while she is in the house.  And is learning to cope with everyday outside sights and sounds. Basically she is being socialized as much as possible. She also has plenty of contact with deer, slots for chews, hide to play with etc.
She is having a little trouble with car sickness but nothing to worry about and I am sure this will go away in a short time.
                                                        Not recommended when the wife is at home !

You can start with blood training even at this early age but keep it simple. Short, straight trails withs plenty of blood, if the pup does not seem to keen try a few pieces of liver or even dog food along the trial , anything that may help keep an interest.A piece of hide or slot to play with at the end of the trial will be reward enough, but a little food may also help !


                                                      Holly's first deer                                 

Holly with her mother

In the snow 12/02/09


Holly 05/03/09

Who could resist this look ?


Holly's first deer,
video here

Holly's progress


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