Darswed Teckels

Working Teckels in Northumberland


Holly is now back to work , and enjoying very minute ! she is becoming keener and keener with very deer we get , and so far we are doing very well catching up with a few does. I have more or less stopped with the blood trailing now, ( partly due to not having time ) but also because she is becoming less interested in the "imitated" trail and more interested in finding "real" deer  !

Holly, hard at work !

And the results


Holly has just come out of "season" , I have deliberately not worked her during this time because over the years I have found that numerous bitches tend to "go of the rails" ! (for want of better words) whilst in season. My cocker's were terrible for this, and training was pretty much a waste of time for both dog and owner. One good thing is that Ib had a chance to accompany me by him self for three weeks . With the doe season nearly over we seeing some nice bucks to look forward to in the spring.


Holly with a doe, not a difficult find by any means, but the more deer at this time in her training the better.
As you can see by her posture, she is "guarding " her deer against other dogs present. This is one consistent trait I have found with Teckels, they are OK when it comes to people, but will not tolerate other dogs close to "their" finds !


Holly performed very well today. She found a deer that had run approx 45 meters into thick gorse after a "perfect" lung/heart shot. Even though I have seen this several times over the years , it still amazes me that adrenalin can carry such a small beast as a Roe so far after a shot.  It was not ideal conditions for a dog to work in, the light was fading fast , a blizzard was starting to blow and the snow was starting to lie, so all in all I was very pleased with her.


We have a slight glitch in Hollys training, she has been in "season" for approx a week. Her first . I have found repeatedly with bitches that when they are coming into "season", and during their "season",  their behavior tends to be a little erratic ! some are worse than others. But I now postpone all training as such until the dogs season is over. I have found this to be much easier than to persevere with a dog that does not have its mind on the job in hand.

Holly October 09


Holly had another deer under her belt today, she has now "had" 5 deer and is starting to get the idea, with this latest Roe she was displaying some of her mothers traits and was "taking hold" of the carcass more than previously. Holly has had two stalks now on the lead and behaves very well, sitting "most" times when I stop to spy and walking to heal very well. All in all she is coming on very well.


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