Darswed Teckels

Working Teckels in Northumberland


Our new stud dog is here !! he is a great looking dog with lots and lots of hunting experience behind him. And we still cant believe  how lucky we are to have him.He will be suitable as a stud for any Darswed pups bred to date so far ! Check out his page at Charletan's Victor . For stud availability please email or tel any time . We still also have Charletans Darswed Nimrod and he is still producing great looking and working pups.


Some exciting news from us here at Darswed Teckels. We shall soon be importing another stud dog from Europe, he is a Danish champion with many awards at fox trials. We know the importance of introducing new lines into he UK and are trying our best to improve the standard of dogs here and feel sure this new addition will benefit everyone in the long run. The new dog should be arriving at the end of September and will be suitable to use on any of our pups bred so far. If you are looking for a stud then please feel free to enquire. More details to follow in the next few weeks !! We also have a new bitch pup here, from Holly and IB , she is coming along nicely and is certainly a feisty little thing lol Pictures can be deceiving


Yet another very quite rut for us, plenty of deer about but no activity apart from the odd buck following does at a distance and bucks chasing other bucks. all very strange ! We did have a poaching problem until spring this year and as soon as the problem went, the deer have started to return in numbers. As have the hares ! The dogs are all doing well , even "old" Aya despite the warm weather and like the odd dip in a stream etc, they tend to ignore water on the whole though.We hope to be mating Lottie st some point and have quite a few people asking for pups already, but I dont take names for a list any longer, preference is simply given to those people that keep in touch from time to time. We do have pups from Holly just now, (last litter ) and I may be keeping one or even two from this litter as I really want to keep Aya's genes going. I am also looking into he possibility of bringing in some miniatures from Europe as we constantly get asked for them. But we shall see. 


This buck was later measured and made gold !



Latest news

We now have a Face book page, but not what you may think ! I have started Darswed Teckels "the Rut" to try and get people to report any rutting activity in their area. Hopefully it will help others knowing the rut is in progress as it does vary from county to county. Please help by reporting any info, and feel free to put up pics of any buicks you may get. You can find us here Darswed Teckels "The rut"



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